45 DIY Projects and Ideas for Beautiful Centerpieces

16 Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table

Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table16. Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table: Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table and more on (via Martha Stewart)

17 Glow Jars

Glow Jars17. Glow Jars: These DIY glow jars are awesome and so easy to make! Learn how to make them here! (via Intimate Weddings)

18 Turkey Veggie Platter

Turkey Veggie Platter18. Turkey Veggie Platter: Instructions for making a turkey veggie platter – a perfect allergy free appetizer for Thanksgiving! (via Eating with Food Allergies)

19 Tissue Box Flower Vase

Tissue Box Flower Vase19. Tissue Box Flower Vase: description (via Crème de la Craft)

20 Pencil Pinwheel Centerpiece

Pencil Pinwheel Centerpiece20. Pencil Pinwheel Centerpiece (via HGTV)

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