50 Genius DIY Craft Tutorials and Ideas Made from Denim Jeans

1 Jeans Bag

Jeans Bag1. Jeans Bag (via Between the Lines)

2 Denim Pocket Organizer

Denim Pocket Organizer2. Denim Pocket Organizer (via Sisters of the Wild West)

3 Recycled Denim Pots

Recycled Denim Pots3. Recycled Denim Pots (via My Recycled Bags)

4 Denim Dress to Skirt

Denim Dress to Skirt4. Denim Dress to Skirt: How to turn an outgrown denim dress into 4-piece kid’s clothing + accessories. (via Craft Passion)

5 Denim Organizer

Denim Organizer5. Denim Organizer: Free sewing pattern to make a recycled denim organizer using three pairs of legs from old blue jeans. (via All Free Crafts)

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