50 Absolutely Gorgeous DIY Project Tutorials to Make Your Own Necklace

6 Feather Arrow Necklace

Feather Arrow Necklace6. Feather Arrow Necklace (via Oh the lovely things)

7 Gold and Leather Bolo Necklace

Gold and Leather Bolo Necklace7. Gold and Leather Bolo Necklace: I’m hating the silence over here. We’ve been busy packing up Black Friday orders, driving 700 miles, nursing some serious head colds and doing laundry. Anxious to get some creative time under my be… (via Melissa Esplin)

8 Ribbon Bow Necklace

Ribbon Bow Necklace8. Ribbon Bow Necklace (via Oh the lovely things)

9 Lace Necklace

Lace Necklace9. Lace Necklace: How to make your own delicate lace necklace with minimum supplies. (via Kittenhood)

10 Tory Burch inspired Rope + Metal Ring Necklace

Tory Burch inspired Rope + Metal Ring Necklace10. Tory Burch inspired Rope + Metal Ring Necklace: I originally saw this necklace on Tory Burchs website and was inspired to create my own rendition. I love how they took rope and wove it through metal rings to create something that feels very substantial. The necklace is a mix of nautical meets edgy and I am pretty obsessed … (via The Stripe)

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