50 Absolutely Gorgeous DIY Project Tutorials to Make Your Own Necklace

36 J.Crew-inspired Braided Necklace

J.Crew-inspired Braided Necklace36. J.Crew-inspired Braided Necklace (via Thanks, I Made It)

37 Galaxy Necklace

Galaxy Necklace37. Galaxy Necklace (via Oh the lovely things)

38 Multichain Necklace

Multichain Necklace38. Multichain Necklace: I mentioned stacked necks yesterday and couldnt help but throw this little number together for you to see how easy it is to make some statement neck jewelry for yourself. This is one of those necklaces you can put together, wear a few times and then pull apart and use the chain for something… (via a pair & a spare)

39 Neon Tassle Necklace

Neon Tassle Necklace39. Neon Tassle Necklace: Today marks part deux in my DIY series with Holst & Lee. I could not be more excited to share this tassel necklace project with you! There are a bunch of steps, but I swear its pretty simple. When I arrived at the Holst & Lee Studio, Natalie had already … (via The Stripe)

40 Statement Necklace

Statement Necklace40. Statement Necklace: That time I was inspired to make a DIY statement necklace using pipe fittings the other day when I was waiting around the plumbing section to ask a Home Depot.. (via Sugar & Cloth)

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