50 Absolutely Gorgeous DIY Project Tutorials to Make Your Own Necklace

16 Prairie Feather Necklace

Prairie Feather Necklace16. Prairie Feather Necklace (via a bit of sunshine)

17 Rope and Crystal Necklace

Rope and Crystal Necklace17. Rope and Crystal Necklace: I am finally back from my month of travelling and have some very fun DIYs lined up for you guys! To start off, we have a DIY emerald green rope necklace with crystal jewel details. Emerald green, o… (via High on DIY)

18 Corded Knot Necklace

Corded Knot Necklace18. Corded Knot Necklace (via Room for Happiness)

19 Chevron + Chain Necklace

Chevron + Chain Necklace19. Chevron + Chain Necklace: Summer isn’t complete without a bright, punchy necklace. Ive been inspired by all of the bright necklaces in stores this summer (this and this being at the top of my wish list,) and wanted to make something that I can wear while I’m at home all week on the Cape (or … (via The Stripe)

20 Painted Rhinestone Necklace

Painted Rhinestone Necklace20. Painted Rhinestone Necklace: Ever since J.Crew started hand painting their rhinestone embellishments this summer, I’ve been in love with the look of matte, painted rhinestones. While I love a sparkly necklace as much as the ne… (via Cheapishly)

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