50 Absolutely Gorgeous DIY Project Tutorials to Make Your Own Necklace

21 Seed Bead Necklace

Seed Bead Necklace21. Seed Bead Necklace (via Design Mom)

22 Anthro Plucked Petals Necklace

Anthro Plucked Petals Necklace22. Anthro Plucked Petals Necklace (via Quiet Lion)

23 Delicate Crystal Necklace

Delicate Crystal Necklace23. Delicate Crystal Necklace: After seeing this post on Kim Frances blog Girls of a Certain Age, I was inspired to create my own easy, elegant necklace. This one is incredibly easy to make, and something you can wear every day. I wear mine all the time (its great on its own or layered … (via The Stripe)

24 Pearl & Safety Pin Necklace

Pearl & Safety Pin Necklace24. Pearl & Safety Pin Necklace: As much as I honestly love jewelry of all types, the one thing you’ll most likely never find me wearing is a single strand of pearls. There is something about this classic piece that is just a bit too buttoned down for me. However add a bit of metal in the form of gold safety pins, la Tom Binns, (via HonestlyWTF)

25 Embroidered Locket

Embroidered Locket25. Embroidered Locket (via the most delightful adventure)

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