50 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Design Ideas

46 Metal Bucket Fire Pit

Metal Bucket Fire Pit46. Metal Bucket Fire Pit: Check out this fire pit created with recycled metal bucket filled with lava rock on DIYNetwork (via DIY Network)

47 Turn Your Old Washing Machine into a Fire Pit

Turn Your Old Washing Machine into a Fire Pit47. Turn Your Old Washing Machine into a Fire Pit: Turn an old washing machine drum into an easy DIY fire pit. One of the best recycle-upcycle projects out there. (via The V Spot)

48 Plush Lounge Sitting Fireside

Plush Lounge Sitting Fireside48. Plush Lounge Sitting Fireside: Check out these neon orange and blue plush seating on this patio next to the square fire pit on DIYNetwork (via DIY Network)

49 The Family Fire Pit

The Family Fire Pit49. The Family Fire Pit (via Sharpe Creations)

50 Wall and Pit in One

Wall and Pit in One50. Wall and Pit in One: This circular fire pit, shown on DIYNetwork, was cleverly built right into the retaining wall. (via DIY Network)

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