50 Awesome DIY Fire Pit Design Ideas

26 Jungle Inspired

Jungle Inspired26. Jungle Inspired: DIYNetwork: outdoor landscape with water fountain feature, fire pit, tiki lights, plants, and shade. (via DIY Network)

27 Modern Home with Sleek Backyard Fire Pit

Modern Home with Sleek Backyard Fire Pit27. Modern Home with Sleek Backyard Fire Pit: HGTV invites you to take a look at this ultra-modern home with a sleek backyard fire pit. (via Alderwood Landscaping)

28 Kalamian Firepit

Kalamian Firepit28. Kalamian Firepit: DIY Network: Enjoy a relaxing night swim and warm up by the firepit in this outdoor patio space. (via DIY Network)

29 Cozy Fire Pit

Cozy Fire Pit29. Cozy Fire Pit: DIYNetwork: Place fire pit in center of outdoor entertaining room to encourage guests to gather around a cozy fire. (via DIY Network)

30 Modern Fire Pit and Deck

Modern Fire Pit and Deck30. Modern Fire Pit and Deck: This impressive fire pit and deck at the 2012 HGTV Dream Home, connected to the home’s interior spaces via boardwalks, commands attention and invites relaxation. (via DIY Network)

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