50 Awesome Ways To Use Mason Jars That You Need to Try

6 Baking Dish

Baking Dish6. Baking Dish: Give the breadbasket a personalized touch with these cute individual dinner rolls baked right in a jar. (via Simple Bites)

7 Beach-in-Jar Terrarium

Beach-in-Jar Terrarium7. Beach-in-Jar Terrarium: My husband is in the Navy so it’s no surprise that for the last 6 of 7 years we’ve lived by some sort of water. I love the beach and it inspires a lot of my projects. You can see that in myNautical Wreathor mySisal Rope Coasters. Now that summer is we are planning lots of beach days. (via Making Home Base)

8 Leftover Paint Containers

Leftover Paint Containers8. Leftover Paint Containers (via Goodbye, House! Hello, Home!)

9 Lamp Base

Lamp Base9. Lamp Base (via Redberry Barn)

10 Monogram Marquee Light Display

Monogram Marquee Light Display10. Monogram Marquee Light Display (via Oleander + Palm)

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