50 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

26 Babe Magnet

Babe Magnet26. Babe Magnet (via Goodwill)

27 Pizza Costume

Pizza Costume27. Pizza Costume (via Dollar Store Crafts)

28 Lady Bird Owl

Lady Bird Owl28. Lady Bird Owl: Hello all, I’m Chelsea from Seablanket! I was so excited when Elsie asked me to create a DIY for Tricks & Treats, and I knew just what to make. I love dressing up on Halloween and really wanted to wear something fresh this year – something cute and unique. This Lady Bird Owl Costume is made entirely from items I had around the house, and by settling down with some… (via A Beautiful Mess)

29 Oh Jeff… Costume

Oh Jeff... Costume29. Oh Jeff… Costume: When Sarah Hoke transformed herself into a living pop art piece for Halloween she had no idea it would turn her into an internet darling. We saw the pictures, tracked her down and proposed that she create this bad-ass Roy Lichtenstein How-To-Tutorial. It’ll either want to transform yourself for next October or spur you on to create your own art inspired costume. Continue Reading (via HAHA Magazine)

30 Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat30. Grumpy Cat (via The Official Guide to Spring Break)

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