50 Coolest DIY Science Project Ideas that are Basically Magic

46 Jellyfish in a Bottle

Jellyfish in a Bottle46. Jellyfish in a Bottle (via BhoomPlay)

47 Sidewalk Chalk Art: Puddles

Sidewalk Chalk Art: Puddles47. Sidewalk Chalk Art: Puddles: When the first day the snow melted we couldn’t wait to try some sidewalk chalk art, I never imagined we’d stomp the winter snow into bright spring puddles. (via Lemon Lime Adventures)

48 Rainy Day Process Art

Rainy Day Process Art48. Rainy Day Process Art (via Pink Stripey Socks)

49 Magnetic Slime

Magnetic Slime49. Magnetic Slime: Did you know that its possible to make slime magnetic? I didn’t either until recently when I found a post on Pinterest from Instructables about making magnetic silly putty. I really recommend this slime recipe rather than silly putty more on that in a minute. But first, check out what magnetic slime can do!…Read More (via Frugal Fun for Boys)

50 Wax paper Resist

Wax paper Resist50. Wax paper Resist: Art Activities for Kids ~ Wax Paper Resist We have been exploring a new art technique, and loving it. I am all about simple art projects for kids, and love finding new ways to encourage kids to be creative! My kids Continue reading (via Housing a Forest)

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