50 Coolest DIY Science Project Ideas that are Basically Magic

41 Turning Salt into Glue

Turning Salt into Glue41. Turning Salt into Glue: We have a simple science experiment with salt that your kids will love! It studies the freezing temperature of water and how salt affects it. (via Kids Activities Blog)

42 The Exploding Lunch Bag

The Exploding Lunch Bag42. The Exploding Lunch Bag (via Science Tips and Some Cool Tricks)

43 Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Rainbow Bubble Snakes43. Rainbow Bubble Snakes: Take bubble blowing to the next level. Learn how to make colorful bubble snakes that your kids will love! Best part, wands are built from your recycle bin. (via Housing a Forest)

44 Marshmallow Paint

Marshmallow Paint44. Marshmallow Paint: Marshmallow Paint- an adorably fun homemade paint using melted marshmallows. Amazingly fun, colorful, educational, and EDIBLE paint. (via Smart School House)

45 Slime Suncatchers

Slime Suncatchers45. Slime Suncatchers: I’m obsessed with suncatchers. But I’m guessing you guys are too since one of the top posts ever on Babble Dabble Do is Cosmic Suncatchers. When we recently made Neon Slime I accidentally left some slime out on the table and it dried up and became translucent. Then I had one of those crafty Ah Ha (via Babble Dabble Do)

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