50 Coolest DIY Science Project Ideas that are Basically Magic

6 Erupting Rainbow

Erupting Rainbow6. Erupting Rainbow: Are you stuck inside with your kids lately? Is the weather outside preventing everyone from frolicking outside in the warmth of the sun? (via She Knows)

7 Make an Instant Ice

Make an Instant Ice7. Make an Instant Ice (via Grant Thompson – “The King of Random”)

8 Magic Potion Punch

Magic Potion Punch8. Magic Potion Punch: Magic Potion Punch (via Bitz and Giggles)

9 Giant Crystal Rainbow

Giant Crystal Rainbow9. Giant Crystal Rainbow: MAKE A GIANT CRYSTAL RAINBOW (via Hello, Wonderful)

10 Egg in the Bottle Trick

Egg in the Bottle Trick10. Egg in the Bottle Trick (via Sick Science!)

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