50 Creative DIY Picture Frame Project Ideas

46 Yarn Memo Board

Yarn Memo Board46. Yarn Memo Board: The first DIY installment of our March Craftness series is nothing short of AMAZING! The great folks at Whimseybox created this project just for YOU! Be sure to (via Jordana Paige)

47 Magnetic Picture Frames

Magnetic Picture Frames47. Magnetic Picture Frames (via The tall and short of it.)

48 Illuminated Photo Door

Illuminated Photo Door48. Illuminated Photo Door: Home decorating blog (via Redhead can Decorate)

49 Neon Triangle Picture Frames

Neon Triangle Picture Frames49. Neon Triangle Picture Frames (via Cutie Pie Press)

50 Photo Wall Bulletin Board

Photo Wall Bulletin Board50. Photo Wall Bulletin Board: Tweet Pin It Any other members of the I have so many blank walls in my home I cant even begin to think how to decorate any of them support group out there? Show of hands? I think its easy to assume from blogs that every person in the world has a beautifully decorated home, (via It’s Always Autumn)

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