50 Creative DIY Picture Frame Project Ideas

21 Little Picture Frame

Little Picture Frame21. Little Picture Frame: Sissy has this fantastic peg rack in her room which I love because I got it cheap-as-chips on close out (at Pottery Barn Outlet) and is perfect for me because I’m artsy-like so and love to change what’s hanging on it. Although, I never really do change what is on it (but it’s nice to (via Camp Clem)

22 5 Minute Frame

5 Minute Frame22. 5 Minute Frame (via Minted)

23 Picture Tiles

Picture Tiles23. Picture Tiles: Modge Podge, $0.13 tiles, a printer, and your photos – magic for your walls that isn’t like anything you can buy in a store. (via Crunchy Betty)

24 Fast and Easy Stenciled Frame

Fast and Easy Stenciled Frame24. Fast and Easy Stenciled Frame: Hi guys! I recently bought these sweet Martha Stewart adhesive stencils when I had a coupon at the craft store. I thought well, I bet they lose their stickiness but I’ll give them a try, so I did. And I have to say, I am in LOVE! Not only are the designs cute, but they really do stick nicely to (via My So Called Crafty Life)

25 Frames for Kids

Frames for Kids25. Frames for Kids: We finally trust that Sydney won’t use her paints, crayons, and markers to decorate the walls, floors, or furniture. So, we moved her workstation into her bedroom. In doing so, it was totall… (via The Gold Jellybean)

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