50 Creative DIY Picture Frame Project Ideas

11 Rustic Wall Photo Frame

Rustic Wall Photo Frame11. Rustic Wall Photo Frame (via Cotton and Cottage)

12 Seashell Picture Frame

Seashell Picture Frame12. Seashell Picture Frame: This is the perfect DIY craft to do this summer, since everyone will be at the beach! On your next trip to the beach, make sure you collect some seashells to take home with you because you will need lots of seashells for this picture frame! This makes a great addition to your beach home (via Chiffon Souffle)

13 Pedestal Picture Frame

Pedestal Picture Frame13. Pedestal Picture Frame: This is another fun project to do with your thrifty candlesticks. My inspiration is from Mrs DIY and the Tennis Guy.I found what I needed for $4,00 at the Good (via Fancy Frugal Life)

14 Recycled Magazine Photo Frame

Recycled Magazine Photo Frame14. Recycled Magazine Photo Frame (via Heartmade Blog)

15 Map Picture Frame

Map Picture Frame15. Map Picture Frame: We are big time traveling and road triping people, even if its just a day trip. We have tons of pictures just only one issue… they are all in the computer and not on print. So I decided to go int… (via Lillian McKay)

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