50 Creative DIY Picture Frame Project Ideas

31 Picture Art Wall

Picture Art Wall31. Picture Art Wall: Photos are meant to be displayed and be seen by people. Decorating black white photographs with frames is like displaying your artwork on the wall. (via Interior Decorating Tips)

32 Shabby Chic White Frame For Wall Display

Shabby Chic White Frame For Wall Display32. Shabby Chic White Frame For Wall Display (via Details in the Decor)

33 Coaster Picture Frames

Coaster Picture Frames33. Coaster Picture Frames: This post originally appeared over at Easily Dunn as a guest post. Today Ive got a simple but fun DIY for you. Now, I don’t know how most people feel about coasters, but its one thing I can be a little OCD about. I hate water rings on tables, whether its a water-damagable table or not. So absorbent coasters are a must for me. Notice I specified ~absorbent~. I have never understood the point of glass or other sealed coasters,… Read the rest (via Dragonflight Dreams)

34 Easy Picture Frame

Easy Picture Frame34. Easy Picture Frame (via VMG206)

35 Tiny Picture Frame

Tiny Picture Frame35. Tiny Picture Frame (via fotoPhilosophy)

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