50 Creative DIY Wall Art Projects for Your Home

11 Abstract Stripes On Canvas

Abstract Stripes On Canvas11. Abstract Stripes On Canvas: 1 & 2. So firstly try and come up with some sort of colour scheme or at least colours that you think might go together and contrast well. Keep working on it until your happy, there is no set way to do this. You could do swirls, blobs, lines, whatever… (via ooh I Like That)

12 Hexagon Wall Art

Hexagon Wall Art12. Hexagon Wall Art: Geometric shapes and metallic colours are all the range in the decorating world right now and this artwork has both! (via Tara Dennis)

13 Scrapbook Flower Wall Art

Scrapbook Flower Wall Art13. Scrapbook Flower Wall Art (via It’s Doable)

14 Instagram Canvas Prints

Instagram Canvas Prints14. Instagram Canvas Prints: If you love snapping cool pictures with your smartphone using Instagram or Hipstamatic but don’t know what to do with those square shots, then try making your own canvas print. Instead of tossing down the cash for square picture frames or paying up to (via Popsugar)

15 Wordy Wall Art

Wordy Wall Art15. Wordy Wall Art: How can you create wall art that is both personal and beautiful without breaking the budget? I’ll show ya some tricks… (via Brown Sugar Toast)

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