50 Creative DIY Wall Art Projects for Your Home

6 Framed Scarf Wall Art

Framed Scarf Wall Art6. Framed Scarf Wall Art (via Honey Sweet Home)

7 Modern Lines Wall Art

Modern Lines Wall Art7. Modern Lines Wall Art: Learn how to create a simple DIY modern painting. The large-scale piece is modern, minimalist, striking and can be completed as an easy weekend art project. (via The New Domestic)

8 Ombré Quote Wall Art

Ombré Quote Wall Art8. Ombré Quote Wall Art: Learn how to make ombre typographic wall art. (via Sarah Hearts)

9 Framed Glitter

Framed Glitter9. Framed Glitter (via Mr. Kate)

10 Scrabble Wall Art

Scrabble Wall Art10. Scrabble Wall Art (via Insideways)

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