50 Creative DIY Wall Art Projects for Your Home

41 Fish Scale Wall Art

Fish Scale Wall Art41. Fish Scale Wall Art (via Let’s Go Sunning)

42 Pressed Ferns

Pressed Ferns42. Pressed Ferns (via ECAB)

43 Quilled Monogram

Quilled Monogram43. Quilled Monogram (via Craftastical)

44 Giant Cross Stitch

Giant Cross Stitch44. Giant Cross Stitch: This project has been sitting in my brain for months now and I finally finished it last night. It am so pleased with how it turned out and I’m happy to see it finally hanging on the wall! I’d been… (via The Thompson Family)

45 Floral Wreath Guest Books

Floral Wreath Guest Books45. Floral Wreath Guest Books (via Oh Happy Day)

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