50 Creative Ways to Break the News You are Pregnant

36 Hands Full

Hands Full36. Hands Full (via Toddler Approved)

37 Announce with Balloons

Announce with Balloons37. Announce with Balloons: There is no right or wrong way to let people know you’re expecting, but there are a lot of different ideas. When to announce your pregnancy is a very personal choice. (via The Women Talk)

38 Bump Ahead Sign

Bump Ahead Sign38. Bump Ahead Sign (via Becoming Mrs. G)

39 Announce with your Ultrasound

Announce with your Ultrasound39. Announce with your Ultrasound (via Sarah Hedden)

40 Announce with a To Do List

Announce with a To Do List40. Announce with a To Do List (via Keeping Up With The Morgans)

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