50 Creative Ways to Break the News You are Pregnant

41 Meaningful Dates

Meaningful Dates41. Meaningful Dates (via Combat Crafts)

42 Adding 1 Moore to the Pack

Adding 1 Moore to the Pack42. Adding 1 Moore to the Pack: Let your pup bark about the big news! (via Bark Post)

43 Not Again

Not Again43. Not Again (via imgur)

44 Eviction Notice

Eviction Notice44. Eviction Notice: 3-5:14 Creative Pregnancy Announcements3. ‘Baby’ Food Next time you go grocery shopping, pick up foods with the word ‘baby’ in them,… (via BabyGaga Buzz)

45 We Are Prego

We Are Prego45. We Are Prego (via Rachel Hooks Wynne)

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