50 Cute Lamb & Sheep Crafts Projects for the Whole Family to Make

6 Bubble Wrap Sheep

Bubble Wrap Sheep6. Bubble Wrap Sheep: Have your kids make a bubble wrap sheep craft! All you need is bubble wrap, paint, and paper to make this cute sheep art project! (via Crafty Morning)

7 Cute Paper Plate Sheep

Cute Paper Plate Sheep7. Cute Paper Plate Sheep: This cute and simple lamb craft will be a great add-on to any Bible lesson. It can be used for: Cain and Abels offerings to God. (Genesis 4) Jesus as the Good Shepherd. (John 10:1-17) Jesus as The Lamb of God. (John 1:29-35) Jesus sacrificial death. (Isaiah 53) The shepherds visiting Christ on the night (via Crafting the Word of God)

8 Crochet Sheldon the Sheep

Crochet Sheldon the Sheep8. Crochet Sheldon the Sheep (via Curly Girl Coop)

9 Crochet Lamb Applique

Crochet Lamb Applique9. Crochet Lamb Applique (via Repeat Crafter Me)

10 Fingerprint Sheep

Fingerprint Sheep10. Fingerprint Sheep: Make some cute fingerprint sheep with your kids for an Easter craft! (via Crafty Morning)

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