50 Cute Lamb & Sheep Crafts Projects for the Whole Family to Make

26 Puffy Sheep Mobile

Puffy Sheep Mobile26. Puffy Sheep Mobile: Today is all about getting painting. My kids love to paint and we regularly get the watercolours out and they just have a go.. but every so often it is fun to do something different.. possibly a little messier? or quirkier? And today is all about bubble wrap painting and printing.. to be honest, bubble (via Red Ted Art)

27 Sew Sock Sheep

Sew Sock Sheep27. Sew Sock Sheep: Free pattern and tutorial on how to sew sock sheep with 2 single socks. Use a microfiber sock to resemble the fluffy fur of the sheep. (via Craft Passion)

28 Sheep Curtain Rings

Sheep Curtain Rings28. Sheep Curtain Rings (via Spun by Me)

29 Wine Cork Sheep

Wine Cork Sheep29. Wine Cork Sheep: Make a sheep using wine cork prints! All you need is paper, paint, ribbon, and googly eyes to make one! It’s a fun activity for a farm theme or for Easter! (via Crafty Morning)

30 Cotton Wool Lambs

Cotton Wool Lambs30. Cotton Wool Lambs: Welcome back to this weeks Kids Crafts our wooly little lambs. We actually made this lamb craft a year ago for an article in Guardian Creativity in the Classroom and finally it is time to share it here on Red Ted Art too. Hooray. You can make this sheep craft at any time (via Red Ted Art)

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