50 Cute Lamb & Sheep Crafts Projects for the Whole Family to Make

11 Rocking Paper Plate Sheep

Rocking Paper Plate Sheep11. Rocking Paper Plate Sheep: We spotted this lovely little rocking sheep over on Little Crafty Bug and KNEW we had to have a go (btw, do pop over for some rocking chicks and pigs too!). The little Paper Plate sheep are so easy to make and the kids will LOVE having a go! This little sheep of course is (via Red Ted Art)

12 Crochet Lamb Pattern and Baby Mobile

Crochet Lamb Pattern and Baby Mobile12. Crochet Lamb Pattern and Baby Mobile (via Repeat Crafter Me)

13 Cuddly Sheep

Cuddly Sheep13. Cuddly Sheep (via Perlipo)

14 Bobble Sheep Pillow

Bobble Sheep Pillow14. Bobble Sheep Pillow: I guess it isn’t surprising that a knitter has an affinity for sheep. Obviously, some sort of kinship must exist with the animal whose wool provides daily enjoyment (and employment!). So as predictable as it may be, I will say it anyway… I love sheep. They are a funny creature with a neurotic voice and a body perfect for graphic adaptation. I love their bulbous bellies and knobbly knees, their googly eyes and pointy ears. I love how they amble about in groups, looking like earth-bound clouds. And it goes without saying, but I love what they gift us… don’t worry, I’m not about to type “mutton.” I mean, of course, their wool! A dear friend pointed out that it may be a bit snake-eating-its-own-tail, but anyway, I had to make one… I had to make a sheep, made out of sheep. With the softest, loftiest, creamiest yarn I could find and the most dramatic, nobbiest texture I could create, I knit up this squishable, squeezable, nursery-rhyme version of every knitter’s best pal. Bursting with bobbles, this sheep practically implores you to cuddle. Incredibly soft to the touch, Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino could not have been more appropriate for this project, right down to its color name, Heirloom White. Your own Bobble Sheep Pillow is sure to be loved by many generations to come! (via The Purl Bee)

15 Egg Carton and Plastic Spoon Sheep

Egg Carton and Plastic Spoon Sheep15. Egg Carton and Plastic Spoon Sheep: Disclosure: I was sent Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg n Spoon and instructions on how to make this craft. Some of…Read More… (via The Purple Pumpkin Blog)

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