50 Cute Lamb & Sheep Crafts Projects for the Whole Family to Make

41 Woolly Wonder Sock Puppet

Woolly Wonder Sock Puppet41. Woolly Wonder Sock Puppet: This soft and cuddly sheep will become a bedtime favorite for kids to curl up with. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

42 Lamb Pillow

Lamb Pillow42. Lamb Pillow: Several years ago I drove through Europe in the Springtime and I will never forget seeing all the adorable lambs frolicking in the fields. They were unbelievably, utterly cute. I wanted to get out of the car and pet each one we came across. Recently when I was thinking of a project to add some springtime cheer to my apartment I kept thinking of the little lambs and decided to try my hand at making a lamb inspired throw pillow. This project turned out to be even quicker and cuter than I imagined so I sewed my first little lamb a friend to play with. They add a whimsical touch of Spring cheer to any room!– Molly (via The Purl Bee)

43 Cheerios Sheep Snacks

Cheerios Sheep Snacks43. Cheerios Sheep Snacks: Turn classic Cheerios into a fun treat the kids cannot resist with this recipe for how to make cheerios sheep snacks! (via Everyday Dishes)

44 Sheep Nail Art

Sheep Nail Art44. Sheep Nail Art: Baaaah. Sheep nail art. (via Beautylish)

45 Lamb Embroidery

Lamb Embroidery45. Lamb Embroidery (via Pulling at Strings)

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