50 DIY Cake Toppers That Will Take Your Cake to the Next Level

46 Mini Kite Cake Toppers

Mini Kite Cake Toppers46. Mini Kite Cake Toppers (via Oh Happy Day)

47 Balloon Animal Cake Topper

Balloon Animal Cake Topper47. Balloon Animal Cake Topper: How To Make Balloon Animal Cake Toppers (via Studio DIY)

48 Candy Necklace Cake Topper

Candy Necklace Cake Topper48. Candy Necklace Cake Topper: From the time we were little kids playing dress up with colorful candy necklaces, these pretty jewelry-inspired treats have delighted both our sense of playful style and taste for sweets. Now that we’re all grown up, throwing festive soirees, and fashioning celebrations for reasons big and small, we think it’s time to bring these fun candy necklaces back into the mix. This time, however, our celebration cake will be the one playing dress up! With nostalgic and festive sensibility,this candy garland DIY cake topper is easy, quick, and super affordable. Best of all, it’s completely edible! CANDY NECKLACE CAKE TOPPER CANDY NECKLACE CAKE TOPPER MATERIALS: Scissors 4 candy necklaces 2 natural bamboo skewers (12″ long each) Needle nose pliers STEP BY STEPCANDY NECKLACE CAKE TOPPER INSTRUCTIONS: 1.Take one candy necklace, and cut it in one spot. Be careful to grab each end of the newly cut necklace so that the candy beads remain on the necklace […] (via Best Friends for Frosting)

49 Pinwheel Cake Topper

Pinwheel Cake Topper49. Pinwheel Cake Topper: Project By: Victoria Hudgins Photos By: Pictilio; Make a celebratory statement by topping your wedding cake and desserts with these bright and festive pinwheels. Make them large or small, individually or in mass to design a colorful element that fits your day perfectly. Make the pinwheel cake toppers by using origami paper (or thin scrapbook paper cut into squares)- each pinwheel uses three squares… (via Project Wedding)

50 Animal Ear Cake Toppers

Animal Ear Cake Toppers50. Animal Ear Cake Toppers: These cutest little DIY animal ear cake toppers you ever did eat… I mean, see… (via Sugar & Cloth)

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