50 DIY Cake Toppers That Will Take Your Cake to the Next Level

26 Crocheted Heart Cake Toppers

Crocheted Heart Cake Toppers26. Crocheted Heart Cake Toppers: These crocheted heart cake toppers are a lovely way to bring a bit of handcrafted charm to your wedding! They are easy to assemble and will give you a timeless look of vintage elegance to top off your wedding day. Materials Needed: Crocheted dollie (purchased at local craft store), kitchen skewers cut to size, glue, water, a mixing bowl and spoon & scissors… (via Project Wedding)

27 Art Decor Cupcake Topper

Art Decor Cupcake Topper27. Art Decor Cupcake Topper: A friend of mine recently had a little Roaring 20s Soiree that I helped fancy up for her. Inspired by Great Gatsby, Art Deco, and peacocks, we have this lovely cupcake topper that was a part of the… (via Circus Berry)

28 Falling Leaves Cake Topper

Falling Leaves Cake Topper28. Falling Leaves Cake Topper: So today we’re making this pretty DIY falling leaves cake topper! Made with just a few basic supplies, it’s the perfect way to serve up a cake that will wow your friends. (via Momtastic)

29 Ampersand Cake Topper

Ampersand Cake Topper29. Ampersand Cake Topper: (Disclaimer: If you’re not a current bride, stay tuned! This DIY cake topper can also make one darlin book end. Intrigued?) When I set out looking for a cake topper, I was excited to find a treasure that was unique, meaningful, and within my rookie budget. I didn’t think this mission was going to be Read More (via The DIY Playbook)

30 Felted Bird Cake Topper

Felted Bird Cake Topper30. Felted Bird Cake Topper: Birds Love Cake! . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a cake topper in 7 steps by felting with wire, paint, and felting needle. Inspired by animals and birds. How To posted by Jessica. Difficulty: 4/5. Cost: 3/5. (via Cut Out + Keep)

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