50 DIY Decoupage Project Ideas to Make

1 Decoupage Family Photo Plaques

Decoupage Family Photo Plaques1. Decoupage Family Photo Plaques: Ive mentioned before that we moved back into this house in November. Ive also mentioned my empty walls and how much it drives my husband batty. He keeps hounding me to hang some pictures, but I refuse to hang those cheap frames with cheesy school pictures that my kids hate anyway. Ive had this idea Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

2 Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins

Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins2. Decoupaged and Dyed Clothespins (via Madigan Made)

3 Decoupaged Outlet Covers

Decoupaged Outlet Covers3. Decoupaged Outlet Covers: See how you can make your own designer switch plates! Transform boring switch plates and outlet covers into designer ones in this simple diy tutorial! (via A Piece of Rainbow)

4 Sheet Music Side Table

Sheet Music Side Table4. Sheet Music Side Table: Share Almost all of my small side tables that were in the shop have sold, so my shop owner asked me to make more. One problem its been, like, three degrees outside, so I have not been able to use my spray booth. (I have to open my basement doors for ventilation and really cold air and wet paint don’t play nice.) So, I had this yawn of a table that was my printer stand in my office its a small table and its already painted. So, I stared at it for a while and waited for some inspiration. I really like how my Mod Podge Table turned out, so I decided to try it again, but with a different look. I have (via Miss Mustard Seed)

5 Decoupaged Baby Hangers

Decoupaged Baby Hangers5. Decoupaged Baby Hangers: I had the honor of hosting, along with a friend, a baby shower for a good friends daughter. We had the guest list and the menu but what to do at the shower eluded us. We wanted something to do other than opening gifts. A customer had been into the… (via Franklin Goose)

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