50 Easy Home Improvements to Boost Value of Your Home

41 Upgrade Your Floors

Upgrade Your Floors41. Upgrade Your Floors: DIY wood floors from 1x plank pine wood. Cheap real wood floors for only 75 cents a square foot. (via The Shabby Creek Cottage)

42 Add Some Floating Shelves

Add Some Floating Shelves42. Add Some Floating Shelves: Dressing up any room is easy with DIY floating shelves. Check out this step by step tutorial (via Make It and Love It)

43 Paint Kitchen Cabinets With a Sprayed-On Finish

Paint Kitchen Cabinets With a Sprayed-On Finish43. Paint Kitchen Cabinets With a Sprayed-On Finish: The experts at DIY Network explain in a few simple steps, how to transform low-cost, ready-made cabinets into designer statement pieces. (via DIY Network)

44 Classic Wainscoting

Classic Wainscoting44. Classic Wainscoting: One of my earliest DIY endeavors was our DIY wainscoting project. This can be completed in one weekend with the right tools and a good tutorial. (via Snazzy Little Things)

45 Simply Upgrade the Countertop

Simply Upgrade the Countertop45. Simply Upgrade the Countertop: “I’m sorry, did you say I could make my own concrete countertop??” Yes I did! In gathering our ideas for the new studio space, we realized that we would finally have a chance to try our own concrete countertop DIY. We loved reading about this DIY countertop last year and were so impressed that we wanted to try it ourselves. Here’s what we did: Supplies: Ardex Feather Finish (we used… (via A Beautiful Mess)

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