50 Easy Home Improvements to Boost Value of Your Home

6 Strip and Restain

Strip and Restain6. Strip and Restain: Helping you add flourish to your home no matter the budget (via Frugal with a Flourish)

7 Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Framed Bathroom Mirrors7. Framed Bathroom Mirrors: See how to make the easiest DIY framed bathroom mirrors! (via Liz Marie Blog)

8 Sueded Cord Cover

Sueded Cord Cover8. Sueded Cord Cover (via House Tweaking)

9 Get faux thick baseboards

Get faux thick baseboards9. Get faux thick baseboards (via The House of Smiths)

10 Add Shelves Above Kitchen Cabinets

Add Shelves Above Kitchen Cabinets10. Add Shelves Above Kitchen Cabinets: Create an attractive display shelf for the empty space above your kitchen cabinets. This project requires only basic carpentry skills, and you can build it in a day. (via Family Handyman)

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