50 Easy Home Improvements to Boost Value of Your Home

31 Bathroom Redo

Bathroom Redo31. Bathroom Redo: To kick the New Year off to a great start, my Hubby and I decided to tackle our main bath redo that we had been wanting to complete since we moved into our house 3 years ago. This was no easy task.so don’t be fooled by these pics =) {p.s. we had no clue (via Blissfully Ever After)

32 Paint Sinks and Tubs

Paint Sinks and Tubs32. Paint Sinks and Tubs: Did you know that for $35 you could update your dated sink by giving it a coat of paint?! Learn how! (via CiBurbAnity)

33 Wainscoting

Wainscoting33. Wainscoting: When we first looked at this house almost 4 years ago, we were told it was an “Arts and Crafts” style home. The house was still under construction, so we didn’t really know exactly what that meant…. (via Lovely Crafty Home)

34 Wood Planked Wall

Wood Planked Wall34. Wood Planked Wall (via Thrifty Decor Chick)

35 Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind

Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind35. Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind: Ridiculously Easy No Sew Blind. Has there been something small around your home that needed attention? A problem, glitch or issue? Something that sadly, went ignored? Because it just wasn’t as urgent, pressing or exciting as painting gold stripes on deer antlers or adding tiny dinosaurs to a succulent jungle? Let me introduce my (via Charming Zebra)

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