50 Incredibly Creative Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

31 Chocolate Hedgehog Cupcakes

Chocolate Hedgehog Cupcakes31. Chocolate Hedgehog Cupcakes: I quickly pulled out a Flake bar and chopped it up seeing if it could simulate hedgehog or porcupine quills. I popped in two eyes from a supply of ready made eyes from my repository and asked Mr NQN what he thought. Thankfully he recognized them straight away as did the girls who covered their pink cheeks and mouths with chocolate. And who thankfully didn’t comment about Auntie Lorraine wearing pajamas! (via Not Quite Nigella)

32 Honey Beehive Cupcakes

Honey Beehive Cupcakes32. Honey Beehive Cupcakes (via Adventuress)

33 Shark Bite Cupcakes

Shark Bite Cupcakes33. Shark Bite Cupcakes (via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

34 Football Cupcakes

Football Cupcakes34. Football Cupcakes (via Duncan Hines)

35 Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes35. Reindeer Cupcakes (via your cup of cake)

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