50 Incredibly Creative Ways To Decorate Cupcakes

16 Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes

Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes16. Vegan Paint Spatter Cupcakes: They’re vegan, and I love them. I hate to start a recipe for a vegan cake with you’ll never believe it because I hate cliches, but seriously, this is just an amazing chocolate cake full stop. Like, no further information needed. Even baked into baby cupcakes, the batter retains all its fudge, dense, chocolaty (via The Sugar Hit)

17 Countdown Cupcakes

Countdown Cupcakes17. Countdown Cupcakes: Counting down with metallic sparkler cupcakes! Use them for New Year’s anniversary’s and more.. (via Sugar and Cloth)

18 Easy Wreath Cupcakes

Easy Wreath Cupcakes18. Easy Wreath Cupcakes: Easy ways to decorate Christmas cupcakes using M&M’s and other candy. Great for beginners or seasoned bakers! (via your cup of cake)

19 Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes

Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes19. Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes: Rainbow Frosting Cupcakes Recipe (via Sprinkle Bakes)

20 Flowerpot Cupcakes

Flowerpot Cupcakes20. Flowerpot Cupcakes: Make and share this Flowerpot Cupcakes recipe from Food.com. (via * Pamela *)

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