50 Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for the Kitchen

11 Recipe Card Kitchen Towels

Recipe Card Kitchen Towels11. Recipe Card Kitchen Towels: Recipe Card Kitchen Towels from Mama Say What?! Turn someone’s handwritten recipe cards into useful art with Spoon Flower & some custom printed fabric! (via Mama Say What)

12 Chair Cushions

Chair Cushions12. Chair Cushions (via mmmcrafts)

13 Collapsible Fabric Bowl

Collapsible Fabric Bowl13. Collapsible Fabric Bowl: Easy as 1.2.3.. Fabric bowls to hold all your goodies! (via Haberdashery Fun)

14 Owl Apron

Owl Apron14. Owl Apron: Share >Last week I was brainstorming and thinking of ways to introduce my youngest into the kitchen. The thing is, she is already in the kitchen. Several months ago I made her this cute step stool,and since receiving it she has used it to get things she needs. In fact, its in front of my fridge (via Pink When)

15 5 Minutes Bread Bag

5 Minutes Bread Bag15. 5 Minutes Bread Bag (via saltwater-kids)

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