50 Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for the Kitchen

31 Pleated Apron with Built in Hot Pads

Pleated Apron with Built in Hot Pads31. Pleated Apron with Built in Hot Pads: A great tutorial for a pleated apron with built in hot pads. Super easy and cute, with pictures included! (via The Mother Huddle)

32 Lady’s Apron

Lady's Apron32. Lady’s Apron (via Sewing in No Mans Land)

33 Adjustable Unisex Apron

Adjustable Unisex Apron33. Adjustable Unisex Apron: I wear aprons all the time, and I’m not kidding when I say “all the time”. My typical at-home outfit involves a bandana to keep my hair back and an apron to keep at bay all of the thread and fabric fuzz that follow me everywhere. When friends stop by unexpectedly they are always surprised by my house frau attire, but nobody wants a lint brush for a best friend! As you might imagine, I have a good collection of aprons, many of them vintage and quite feminine. Some of my favorites include a pink one from the 50s made out of a feedsack and one with ruffles and a pie shaped pocket that my sister made for me. (via The Purl Bee)

34 Cups and Mugs Hot Pads

Cups and Mugs Hot Pads34. Cups and Mugs Hot Pads: Quilt Magazine, published six times per year, fulfills your every quilting need. Each issue is bursting with patterns in a variety of styles for all skill levels. Quilts are showcased in beautifully styled room settings, and clear directions and illustrations accompany each project. Our talented designers use current fabric collections, so you can create the exact quilt shown, and many projects include kit information for easy ordering. (via Quilt Magazine)

35 Tea Wallet

Tea Wallet35. Tea Wallet: **Update: I thought with the Holidays just around the corner that Id repost my 6 bag. 5 sweetener/ creamer slot tea wallet! I have just added a downloadable pdf file of the webpage. ** Hey ya’ll! This is my VERY [] (via Sew It Girl)

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