50 Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for the Kitchen

16 Potato Bag for Baking Potatoes in Microwaves

Potato Bag for Baking Potatoes in Microwaves16. Potato Bag for Baking Potatoes in Microwaves: You might not know what a Potato Bag is.I didn’t even know until a few months ago and I live in Idaho the land of Potatoes. But now that I use it I will never go back. This bag is a bag you put your potatoes in, throw it (or place it) in the microwave, heat, and […] (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

17 Plastic Bag Organizer

Plastic Bag Organizer17. Plastic Bag Organizer (via Martha Stewart)

18 Fabric Heart Coasters

Fabric Heart Coasters18. Fabric Heart Coasters: Simple Fabric Heart Coasters Tutorial from Allie of Miss Lovie. Too cute and simple to make! (via Thirty Handmade Days)

19 Quilted Circle Coasters

Quilted Circle Coasters19. Quilted Circle Coasters (via Craft Foxes)

20 Bowl Covers

Bowl Covers20. Bowl Covers: Check out these Summer Potluck Bowl Covers from The Cottage Mama. Great for covering up your dishes for parties outdoors. (via The Cottage Mama)

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