50 Pretty and Practical Things to Sew for the Kitchen

46 Double Potholder

Double Potholder46. Double Potholder (via A Little Gray)

47 Skillet Handle Pot Holder

Skillet Handle Pot Holder47. Skillet Handle Pot Holder: Pot holder for a skillet handle. Pot handle pot holder. Skillet handle pot holder. Pot holder for a handle. Pot holder handle thing-a-ma-jig. What would you call it? I don’t know. Suggestions? Anyway, it doesn’t matter what we call this specialized pot holder; I use it almost daily, and sometimes I use it a lot…Read More (via Practical Stewartship)

48 Rolled Kitchen Towels

Rolled Kitchen Towels48. Rolled Kitchen Towels (via Sew a Straight Line)

49 No More Paper Towels

No More Paper Towels49. No More Paper Towels: No More Paper Towels My craft goal for this holiday break was to make myself a set of multi-use kitchen towels to replace paper towels. I picked up some birds-eye cotton for the backing because its… (via Scribble Sketch)

50 Unpaper Towels

Unpaper Towels50. Unpaper Towels: Confession: I Have A Stack Of Paper Plates . . . Sitting in my pantry, because as a soon-to-be-mama of three I have no illusions about how far my super powers go. Sometimes victory looks like scrambled eggs for dinner, you know? Ain’t nobody got time to do a load of dishes just to have (via Mommy Potamus)

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