50 Products Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

31 Elephant Pincushion

Elephant Pincushion31. Elephant Pincushion: Pincushion elephant, plush toy – Pincushion
This cute little elephant for the perfect gift for any occasion. It is also ideal to look at the shelves in the children’s room) (via JuliaWine)

32 Elephant Trunk Sleeve Sweatshirt

Elephant Trunk Sleeve Sweatshirt32. Elephant Trunk Sleeve Sweatshirt (via CreativeCallipipper)

33 Elephant Wall Hooks

Elephant Wall Hooks33. Elephant Wall Hooks (via Wohnkultur Berndt)

34 Elephant Felt Rug

Elephant Felt Rug34. Elephant Felt Rug (via EGLUE)

35 Plate Rack

Plate Rack35. Plate Rack: An adaptable plate rack for small kitchens. Its designed like an elephant family. (via Oitenta)

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