50 Products Every Elephant Lover Needs In Their Life

1 Elephant Paper Lantern String Light

Elephant Paper Lantern String Light1. Elephant Paper Lantern String Light (via cottonlight)

2 Baby Elephant Bookmark

Baby Elephant Bookmark2. Baby Elephant Bookmark: Cute bookmarks, practical things for a beautiful home and more … (via blanc)

3 Elephant Ring In Silver

Elephant Ring In Silver3. Elephant Ring In Silver: A 3D animal inspired ring made in the shape of a very detailed baby elephant with its body wrapped around your finger!This super cute animal ring is available in US sizes 5 through to size 8.5!*** Thi.. (via dotoly)

4 Elephant Planter

Elephant Planter4. Elephant Planter (via claylicious)

5 Cutlery Drainer

Cutlery Drainer5. Cutlery Drainer: Sometimes, a runny nose can be a big plus. Jumbo the elephant will be more than happy to drain all excess water from your wet cutlery straight into the sink. (via Peleg Design)

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