50 Sensational Crepe Paper DIY Projects

26 Paper Dots Garland

Paper Dots Garland26. Paper Dots Garland (via Oh Happy Day)

27 Crepe Paper Place Cards

Crepe Paper Place Cards27. Crepe Paper Place Cards: DIY Crepe Paper Place Cards – Find the best How To DIY Wedding (via Oncewed)

28 Crepe Paper Floral Crown

Crepe Paper Floral Crown28. Crepe Paper Floral Crown (via CAKIES)

29 Watercolor Party Streamers

Watercolor Party Streamers29. Watercolor Party Streamers (via dandee)

30 Crepe Paper Confetti

Crepe Paper Confetti30. Crepe Paper Confetti: When the Easter egg piñata I made this week is destroyed on Sunday afternoon, a whole lot of candy and a few bits of homemade crepe paper confetti will fall from the sky. I know the kids will be too busy scrambling for the candy to care about the confetti, but Ill enjoy it. And Read More … (via Rachel Swartley)

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