50 Super Easy DIY Christmas Decorations Project Ideas

36 Alphabet Pasta Cards

Alphabet Pasta Cards36. Alphabet Pasta Cards (via Oh Happy Day)

37 Candy Cane Mice

Candy Cane Mice37. Candy Cane Mice: Learn how to make Candy Cane Mice with felt and our printable template. (via Martha Stewart)

38 Ornament Vase

Ornament Vase38. Ornament Vase: I put together a few very quick and easy Christmas decorations for the working woman or busy Mom that are cheap and reusable. (via My Invisible Crown)

39 Thumbtack Votive Candles

Thumbtack Votive Candles39. Thumbtack Votive Candles: This is a great dollar store favorite and a cute craft to start off the fall season. While browsing through my local Dollar Tree, I stumbled upon a pack of votive candles and some gold… (via Spark and Chemistry)

40 Curly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Decorations

Curly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Decorations40. Curly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Decorations: Snub our nose at expensive Christmas tree decor and make some Curly Pipe Cleaner Christmas Decorations with this super simple and fun tutorial kids can do. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

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