50 Super Easy DIY Christmas Decorations Project Ideas

11 Christmas stockings in table decorations

Christmas stockings in table decorations11. Christmas stockings in table decorations (via Just Imagine)

12 Stick Candles

Stick Candles12. Stick Candles (via weekdaycarnival)

13 Faux Snow

Faux Snow13. Faux Snow: Its the beginning of December we all know what that means its well and truly time to start the Christmas decorating. I am no scrooge, but this year, the thought covering my newly decorated house in red Santas and tinsel and candy canes just does not appeal. I’m even wondering if Ill skip the whole Christmas tree thing all together?cheap software download Instead, I’ll be lo… (via Design Field Notes)

14 Starstruck at Christmas

Starstruck at Christmas14. Starstruck at Christmas: Regular followers will know of my obsession with all things paper, and with projects which take very little time or specialist skill. As Christmas draws ever closer, I’ve been experimenting with d… (via Kate’s Creative Space)

15 Ice Cream Ornaments

Ice Cream Ornaments15. Ice Cream Ornaments: #4 Pom Pom Ice Cream Ornaments I wanted to make a felt ice cream ornament (below), but they ended out being sort of complicated and difficult to replicate. Quick tutorial: Make a cardboard cone and glue brown felt around it with a hot glue gun. Make a couple ice cream balls with felt covering fluff. Then glue everything together, add some tiny pom pom sprinkles, and a larger red pom (via Lines Across)

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