50 Super Easy DIY Christmas Decorations Project Ideas

26 Tiny LED Felt House

Tiny LED Felt House26. Tiny LED Felt House (via Poopscape Projects)

27 Birdhouse Ornaments

Birdhouse Ornaments27. Birdhouse Ornaments (via Kifli és levendula)

28 Acorn Topped Ornaments

Acorn Topped Ornaments28. Acorn Topped Ornaments: Hello lovelies! For day five of our 18 Day Series I put together a simple little tutorial for these sweet D.I.Y. Acorn-topped Ornaments. My daughter and I collected the acorn tops at a local park a few weeks ago, but if acorns are not rea… (via Creature Comforts)

29 Glitter Pasta Bow Garland

Glitter Pasta Bow Garland29. Glitter Pasta Bow Garland: Get a head start on holiday decorating with today’s sparkly DIY! Supplies Bow tie pasta Metallic spray paint Glitter Decorative Read More (via Tiny Prints Blog)

30 Neon-Tipped Pinecones and Baubles

Neon-Tipped Pinecones and Baubles30. Neon-Tipped Pinecones and Baubles (via My Attic)

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