50 Super Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials for Kids

21 Recycled Seed Paper Heart

Recycled Seed Paper Heart21. Recycled Seed Paper Heart: I love clever projects that the kids can make for friends and family. It makes the project more special to your kids, because they worked so hard to make it. This is a great way to use any old newspaper or used computer paper. (via JaMonkey)

22 Cupcake Liner Cards

Cupcake Liner Cards22. Cupcake Liner Cards: I’m enchanted with cupcake liners and there are so many different styles to choose from these days. The problem is, most of the design that compelled me to buy them gets lost once cupcakes are baked in them. I’ve even… (via Urban Comfort)

23 Heart Pencil Toppers

Heart Pencil Toppers23. Heart Pencil Toppers: Everyone needs something for writing love notes at this time of the year, right? Actually, Vanessa painted these pencils before Christmas and planned to make candy cane toppers for them but never finished. When I found them in a box in the closet, I realized that they are the perfect colors for Valentines Day Pencils! (via The Gunny Sack)

24 Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher

Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher24. Tissue Paper Heart Suncatcher: Create magic with the easy Valentine’s Day craft for kids (via Makobi Scribe)

25 Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops

Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops25. Valentine’s Day Marshmallow Pops: Looking for cute ideas for Valentines Day? This one is great, makes the perfect Valentines Day craft for kids. Who needs Valentine cards when you can pass out these yumm (via Mommy GAGA)

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