50 Super Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials for Kids

6 Homemade Playdough Hearts

Homemade Playdough Hearts6. Homemade Playdough Hearts: Our Valentines Day kids craft was inspired (indirectly) by my daughters preschool. Instead of buying Play-Doh, every month one of the parents is assigned to make homemade playdough for the classroom.January was my month, and I knew that as soon as we made it K would want to play with it. Instead of letting her (via The Suburban Mom)

7 Heart Photo Ornament

Heart Photo Ornament7. Heart Photo Ornament: Since my Christmas photo ornament was such a hit I decided to whip up a Valentine’s heart ornament to share! I used photos of my lovely daughter and the tutorial is included! You can make this ornament with 2 photo… (via scrappergirl)

8 Mosaic Heart

Mosaic Heart8. Mosaic Heart: Weekly local newsletter of kid-friendly events and activities. (via Macaroni Kid)

9 Valentine Wristlets

Valentine Wristlets9. Valentine Wristlets (via Plum Pudding)

10 Shaken Painted Hearts

Shaken Painted Hearts10. Shaken Painted Hearts: An active way for toddlers to make Valentine’s Day art! So, literally, get moving and get creative.This Valentine’s Day art is also a no-mess art activity! (via Hands on as We Grow)

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