50 Super Easy Valentine’s Day DIY Craft Ideas and Tutorials for Kids

41 Valentines Votives

Valentines Votives41. Valentines Votives (via Homemade Serenity)

42 Simple Heart Banner

Simple Heart Banner42. Simple Heart Banner: Ok. So right about now you might be thinking to yourself,huh, this project looks a little familiar and if you are, you’d be right.Using this same design, Ive created a St. Patricks Day and a Halloween banner and I just couldn’t resist doing one for Valentines day too! What can I say when I find something I…Read More (via simple as that)

43 Flowerpot Picture Holder

Flowerpot Picture Holder43. Flowerpot Picture Holder: Find the best information on valentine day crafts at Womansday. Find thousand of valentine craft ideas for the whole family. Check out our valentine day ideas project instructions. (via Womans Day)

44 Cup and Ball Lovebug

Cup and Ball Lovebug44. Cup and Ball Lovebug: Kids can make this cup and ball lovebug craft for Valentine’s Day or any time they want to make something for someone they love! (via Activity Village)

45 Patterned Hearts

Patterned Hearts45. Patterned Hearts: It was feeling like forever since the kids and I had done something crafty and as luck would have it, on my last trip to our storage unit, I stumbled upon some of our old art supplies! I brought them home with the intent to create something pink and valentines-y with the kids ASAP and…Read More (via simple as that)

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