70 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

26 T-Shirt Shopping Bag

T-Shirt Shopping Bag26. T-Shirt Shopping Bag: I always have a reusable shopping bag in the bottom of my handbag. The one Ive been using finally died, so I made up a new one from an old t-shirt. This is really simple and quick and a great way to give new life to an old t-shirt. The jersey makes the bag nice (via Things for Boys)

27 T-Shirt Laptop Case

T-Shirt Laptop Case27. T-Shirt Laptop Case: Voxphoto writes – “In the t-shirt laptop case shown in MAKE #06, on page 27, it looks like the laptop fits in long way round–but the way I made it, the di (via Make)

28 How to Make a Skirt in 30 Seconds from a T-Shirt

How to Make a Skirt in 30 Seconds from a T-Shirt28. How to Make a Skirt in 30 Seconds from a T-Shirt: We arrived at Campus-Party in Valencia, Spain to show Hug Shirts in a performance/demo in the afternoon but we soon learned that we were also scheduled for a big press conference starting almost im (via Cute Circuit)

29 T-Shirt Bag

T-Shirt Bag29. T-Shirt Bag: Turning an old T-shirt into a reusable shopping or grocery bag is a simple, clever craft to help everyone be “green.” (via Martha Stewart)

30 T-Shirt Underwear

T-Shirt Underwear30. T-Shirt Underwear (via SuperNaturale)

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