70 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

21 Long Sleeved Tee into Ruffled Dress

Long Sleeved Tee into Ruffled Dress21. Long Sleeved Tee into Ruffled Dress: . I bought my little girl several long sleeved Tees at Children’s Place a while ago. But when I pulled them out of her drawer to put them on her, they looked so boring. I know, I know.just leave things alone Ashley. I just cant help myself. I should just leave some things be, but (via Make It and Love It)

22 Lace Stripe Tee

Lace Stripe Tee22. Lace Stripe Tee: Recently, on this cool blog that I just came across, called Uber Chic for Cheap, she posted an answer to a readers question on where to find an item worn by the character Serena, played by Blake Lively, on Gossip Girl. You can read the post here. Here is what her reader was looking for:(…) (via iCandy Handmade)

23 T-Shirt Ruffle Hat

T-Shirt Ruffle Hat23. T-Shirt Ruffle Hat: Remember this hat? Here is the tutorial Materials: 1 Old T~ shirt or 2 if you want your ruffles a different color Coordinating Thread Pattern: Cap size 12-18 Month Cap Size 2T You also can use a cap that fits your child already and use that for the pattern. STEP 1. Cut out the cap using your pattern. Step 2. Cut out the strips for the ruffles. This measurement will vary depending on how gathered you want your ruffles to be. The blue hat seen above had less gathering than the pink one shown below. I like to double the… (via Tao of Craft)

24 Recycled T-Shirt Scarf

Recycled T-Shirt Scarf24. Recycled T-Shirt Scarf: An inspirational take on life, love, and the things we take. Denver handmade jewelry, Thrift Store Makeovers, art, photography, DIY, crafts, and recipes. (via Ninth and Bird)

25 T-Shirt Hat

T-Shirt Hat25. T-Shirt Hat (via At Second Street)

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