70 Awesomely Creative Ways to Reuse Restyle and Rewear Old T-Shirts

46 T-Shirt Rug

T-Shirt Rug46. T-Shirt Rug (via Lindsay and Drew)

47 T-Shirt Blanket

T-Shirt Blanket47. T-Shirt Blanket (via Stars for Streetlights)

48 Braided T-Shirt Rug

Braided T-Shirt Rug48. Braided T-Shirt Rug (via My Poppet Makes)

49 Crocheted T-Shirt Yarn Doily Rug

Crocheted T-Shirt Yarn Doily Rug49. Crocheted T-Shirt Yarn Doily Rug: Crocheted rugs are all the rage, and I’m so happy to say that last week a reader, Anneke Wiese from South Africa already had a chance to try out my crocheted doily rug pattern and share her completed rug on… (via Creative Jewish Mom)

50 Upcycled Infinity Scarves

Upcycled Infinity Scarves50. Upcycled Infinity Scarves: Make these DIY scarves using old knits and t-shirts. Upcycled t-shirt project. (via Lil Blue Boo)

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